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We want to welcome you!  At Harvest, you will find small groups, loving people and friendly faces.  Come where you can feel comfortable with a caring church family.  All events are FREE, Harvest never charges a fee to participate.  Partners that we work with may charge fees for their services, but those will be listed up front at time of registration.

Children's Church  10:00 am

Our Children's Church program features weekly adventures through the bible for kids ages Pre-K through 6th Grades.  Children share in our morning worship in the sanctuary where they take part in singing and bible reading.  After the song portion is complete, the children are taken to their classrooms for their own lesson and program.

Wednesday Nights

Wednesday evenings are a time of study, visitation, and church projects. We begin the time together with a devotion and prayer and then break off into groups to make visits in the area and complete tasks needed at the church building.

Wednesday evenings are also when we feature our HisPins Youth Archery and other special programs.

HisPins Youth Archery

Though we value the fun competition and the progression of skills, our focus is on building solid, fundamental archery skills and teaching students foundational biblical principles in a fun and safe environment.  Through a series of multiple class sessions, students progress through increasing level of archery skills training. 

Watch our calendar for the next dates for this event.

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Blood Brothers

What is Blood Brothers?

The Blood Brothers Challenge is best described as an Expedition, an adventure with purpose.  Blood Brothers engages men over a period of 6 months in groups guided by "common, ordinary" men.  The Expedition they venture into together includes daily personal action and exploration along with periodic, adventurous group outdoor activities and discussions.  

​Guys are bored, tired, and disconnected.  They know it, and long for more.  The church is pretty good at capturing the attention of man, but the struggle is fully capturing his heart and keeping him engaged.  

Get engaged with the Harvest Braid and get registered at

Kids join an awesome adventure alongside some of their favorite Bible heroes and discover the qualities that make us truly heroic in God.

Hero Central uses epic music, spectacular science, crafty crafts, heroic recreation, and fantastic Bible stories to help kids (and leaders) discover their strength in God!

January 10 - February 21, 2018

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Hero Central



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